12:46 AM
*screams and avoids Rai's blog until that spoiler for JP3 is outta sight* I luv JP sooooo much *droooooool, doodles Chaonen, replays online trailer over and over and over again!XD* "They set a trap, they actually set a trap..." Go raptors! WHOOOOOO!!! *goes through the whole avoid FF movie talks thing again*

Aan angst, lol^^ But yeah, at least Enjou lives on! *goes off to admire Kyler*

Dude, there was gonna be a Atlantis:Lost Empire cartoon~ Didn't know the movie did bad^^;; Wonder if it's good that the cartoon was canceled. Of course it's not good for my uncles and aunt, now they have less work =/ Evolution cartoon....weird...

I...went to Costco yesterday baby~! lol

Movies to see when I get back. JP3, Atlantis, and Final Fantasy.

Went to the Zoo today, was hot and icky but kinda fun. Not much to see though ><

The oldest cousin, after me, wanted to take me to a place filled with dancing games. I wanna go! I wanna see her dance 'cuz she's good too~ waaaaiiii~~

*Wants to see Seby's senior pictures!* Wish I hadn't gone all cheap and just taken one photo of myself and submitted that^^;; Can't remember where I put my friends' pictures @o;

8:39 AM

Scared the heck outta my mom ;___; Didn't mean too~! Jumped the subway train and she didn't manage to get on *along wit everyone else* So there I was all alone in a foreign country where I don't even know my address or phone number and can't communicate that I'm lost c.c;; 'Course I knew where to get off and even how to walk home *not far* and all, but scared mine mama and she almost cried. Maybe very sad >< Thought she was right behind me o.o;;

Went back to grandma's house for two days. It's so boring there >< can't even talk to grandma. She speaks Taiwanese, but not mandarin. Grandpa speaks mandarin though~ Found out that they both can speak Japanese fluently^^ Well that's 'cause they were alive when Japan was ruling Taiwan o.o

Maybe a human*lookin' cough* character~! WEii~ He's a weird combo of inspiration from Cirque Du Soleil *which I named a Hell demon after too*, Devil&Devil, some RPG I don't know the name of, and Enjou from Cursed Blessings^^;; Right now I think evili guys with names that start with "E" are nifty^^ Made my Dark Lord *Enit* all evil again^^;; NEwhoo, he's a demon of some class I haven't named~ His name gonna start with an "E" o' course but can't think of one right now~ Just callin' 'im Etsu temporarily for now, even if it is a girl's name.

Cursed Blessings was such a kewl story btw o.o Wonder why I got so stuck on Enjou though^^;; Too bad he barely got to do anything O.O

Nearly cried when I read what classes Rai and Eto are taking 'cuz it reminded me of that stupid question "What the HELL am I doing taking Electrical Engineering?" Sigh~ oh well. *tries not to be insanely jealous of peeps she knows are gonna make it in da art world*

Ark's going home on Sat.~ Then me on Tues. or was it Weds~? Saw some dang sexi pants for Ark today, can't believe I'm shopping for him already*especially since he has a better idea of style then me* @o;

Daddi so wonderful calling all 'em college peeps for me to get me into a certain programming class so my afternoons could be mainly free of classes. He tried so hard. I asked him to register my college classes for me since I couldn't do it myself here.


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