9:58 PM
I WILL make a new remix very soon o.o

9:55 PM

Tweaked Etsu's personality just a bit. So he's a high level priest *don't know the title for it* that's very zealous for his work, with all 5 billion or so duties. He loves it^^ Etsu's a nice guy, but sometimes his overzealousness makes him do stuff, mostly to Kye who's a very unorthodox priest. Mostly this stuff happens when he's trying to get Kye to drop some of his bad habits, like smoking and reading hentai comics. And, he's classified as a Heaven/Sol Demon. The temple he lives at is in one of the largest cities and his is the largest temple. Most Festivals are held outside it. Mortals make up most of the population there. But that's okay 'cuz he likes mortals unlike most demons.

Now Kye is an ice priest but he serves under Etsu because Etsu specifically requested him. Though the temple worships the Mazoku Entities, rather than the Elements, it's not unusual for a element priest to be there. It's mostly to keep peace between places.

I might do a short comic on how Etsu and Kye met, if I can actually draw it out. Cathedrals are hard o.O If I don't draw it out I'll write it out, though comic/text form is much better. So sue me I've been reading SoF^^;; Gotta bunch of ideas on short fun stuff too~ watch me try and fail miserably. It'll be a good laugh ^_____^ Heck I even have an idea on how they're gonna die o.O;; Well at least the outline of it. Etsu first, then Kye shortly after.

I suppose they exist in an extention of my Cephtan world where there are human lookin' creatures. 'cuz in Cephta there is only one human and after that human dies, no more. So all my demon and Mazoku classes can still apply^^

10:40 PM

Sketchies~ some done in Taiwan, most done last night @___@

Socara and Oni : Wooohooo! suckisucki pic that's I'm just usin' fer inkin' practice. Got pose outta a mag. NEways o.o though Oni does look kinda kewl...need to draw Soca more~

Verbal Abuse : Ark's being verbally abusive to poor Terrall again~ but how can ya get mad at cute SDs?XD

Kooriatama : Whooo! I drawn'ed humans! O' humani lookin' thingiez that are really demons o.o Okay dis be Kooriatama or "Ice Head" He prefers Kye though~ He's a so-so powerful ice priest type demon with hair dat spontaneously bursts into ice! And he's a chain smoker. But he's got dark tanned skin and blonde hair. Derez a frozen flame that is always around 'im too~

Etsu : Okay the name stuck =P Kye's buddy, that's also a priest but for the Sun/Sol. He can't seem ta get rid of his lower horns even when he's in a humaniod form though. Bronze Halo thin'ie orbits his head, which means he's pretty high up there. Very powerful, enough to rival many Hell demons. He's just the opposite like Kye. His hair is turquiose, eyes are ice blue, and has very pale skin. How Kye and him became friends I haven't figured out yet, but Etsu gets to be the abusive one ^____^

Harper : Harper in a weird daze^^;; I just wanted to draw ear-wings, which turned out a mess NEways XD

Dan' u jetlag! >< Didn't sleep until 9AM today *and forced myself to wake up at 1PM*, after tryin' for hours, so I read stuff~ XD Oooooo~ PS2 is comin' out with so many kewl games! Devil & I got changed to Okage: Shadow King and is comin' out in a month or 2 whooo! Except they used evil "spirit" in the desc. Hope they still have Stanley as a devil >< Yeesh, ya have Devil May Cry, why not Devil & I? Wanna play DMC too~(PSM Magazine). Reread all of The Black Swan too~ Drew a bit, I dun like Microns, need Millis >< Then there was that Xenogears MSTin'~ dan' that was funny, though I tired of it about 3/5 then got interestin' again in the last 5/5^^;; Billy and Bart goin' like rabbits...ermmm....^^; Oh, can't forget Shady's story^^

10:12 PM

Wish I knew about this earlier! >< Would have sooo entered o.o but 6 days isn't enough time now^^;;

10:06 PM

Cried when I saw my bed 'cuz I was so tried and exhausted last night. Cried this mornin' at 7AM 'cuz I missed everyone anz Taiwan so much alreadi. So am somewhat depressed and in some kinda post vacation dulldrum *sigh* I really rarely cry o.O;

Barely drew NEthin' in Taiwan. Drew a few thin's fer mine cousins 'cuz they wanted a picture *kinda got abused that way, but hey^^;;* but those 'ill never see a scanner soo...uh..'ill scan stuff when I get 'em touched up anz some need inkin'~

I would buy a PS2 just fer ICO o.o and the Devil & I if it ever comes outin the US~ Drooled over it in the store^^;;

Need to change my theme...

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