10:17 PM
Me: I'm bored.
Soca: Wanna wage war?
Me: Okay.

10:13 PM

Simplified mine layout 'cuz I'm a lazi bum! XD

Blah I myself dun know the difference between shounen and shoujo and everythin' else 'cept yaoi o.o;;

I ditto what Seby said Jess! Be wrong ta expect more^____^

9:20 PM

Start Babble *as a bum sings "My Omelet" from Dragon Half*....NOW!

I apparently can't draw sun + sky without stuff curling around the sun @____@;

JP3 should be renamed to Metal Gear Solid 3 or something, and the main char, could be called Raptor or Spino o.o That was a buncha neck snapping XD Why do the people you want to die never die?

Thanx for all the support for the contest^^ Ya'll know who u are~

This Shounen-ai goddess thing creeps me out...no wait it doesn't, just the thought of you guys with power beyond that of mere mortal imagination creeps me out. Naw j/k^^ but still....O______O

Dun know why but I love this banner *____*

Odd how the fact that I once again have usable inking pens that don't bleed make me feel more secure o.O

Reliving the magic that is FFXI~ *happi~~*

FFX: Tidus- Squall and Zell love child gone wrong
Yuna- Older Selphie with nifty eyes
Lulu- She could be a FFVIII witch o.o She fights with mog and cait shith (sp?) plushies!
Auron- Very kewl, I wanna call him Cid...
Kimahri- Also kewl. Kiddies of his species are precious^^
Seymour- I dislike that name, no comment yet
Takka- Blank...never liked him
Rikku- Quistis in her teenage years with the whip
Don't know what to make of this game yet. But the art is pretty^^;; *consults her "Material drawing and prepare for journey of FFX" mag* Okay not the characters...well mostly NE blitzball players. But don't wanna make NE judgments until I play the game *hey I didn't like how Zidane and Garnet looked when I first saw them, but now I at least love Zidane*. Graphics are awesome of course and the building/city designs are rather nifty. Good gah look how Lulu fights, that's creepy o.o Pretty pretty weapons and ships...

This tape will self-destruct....NOW BOOM!!

9:25 PM

So this is what the odd hours of the morning are for @____@;

My last minute entry for the Di Gi Charat contest^^;; Of course I'm not happy with it, but hey what else is new? XD Worth a shot though.

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