9:53 PM
I saw the most beautiful plate/dragon thing...it screamed buy me! In all it's woven golden, colored glass, jade, $600+ glory....

9:34 PM

Those moths scare the hell outta me @___@;

Strange strange Diet Coke Seby..~

Samurai Jack rocks on so many levels.

9:32 PM

EEEiyaa!^^ Dragies are so cute! Not ta mention Ashton!^____^ need more SO mangas and this o.o

9:29 PM

Girl jeans suck^^; Of course I haven't bought pants in quite a while, mostly 'cuz of 'em reasons o.o butz am too skinny fer guy jeans. Guy jeans even look better, too many floweri junk on girl ones =P *gets pointed out to that she's a living skeleton...quiet Soca...*

I'm...runnin' outta things to color @___@; On some weirdo doodlin'/colorin' spree..gonna burn outz soon, just know itz..then do nothin' fer weekz so enjoy itz now! XD

Now I remember why I loved and hated oekaki^^; Is that all I can do?! Watercolor landscapes? x.x *cry*

Because I lum Magen's black wings so much! XD *glomp, steal*

4:57 PM

Dan'..didn't make the finalists of that Di Gi Charat contest. Shoulda drawn Dejiko -.-

4:48 PM

Several several hours later and 36 megs...horrors of all horrors what have I done? @o; Window's kinda nifty though~despite the crappiness of this o.o;

I still like to pronounce it "lie" instead of "lee" NEways^^;; It's been hangin' 'round for a bit soo...sketchi Lie for Rai~ *that'd found so kewl if it rhymed^^

I wanna know where Shady's oekaki is too! o.o

Gyahhhh~! *happiglomps Seby and worships as Master of Early Morning Cute Stuffs*

8:42 PM

I dreamed that I was part of Cirque Du Soleil, one of them peeps who run around and look spiffy in "scene" transitions. It was kewl^^
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