9:56 PM
Somebody shoot me >< but just in the leg or something so I can still limp away.

5:41 PM

Poor Zidane, lol XD

5:38 PM

AHH! Mr. Toshihiro Kawamoto is coming to NDK! I need to get his autograph *_____*

Can't believe I'm moving into my dorm on Sunday...can't believe classes start in 10 days x.x *scared*

9:55 PM

Sometimes I'm tempted to open a cafepress thingie for myself...but I'm sure no one would buy anything^^; I'm also tempted to start my own weekly manga type thing...been reading 'em all day^^; But then I don't have the endurance for that 'cuz if I actually drew them out I'd make myself color them too x.x Maybe I could go Clover style or something, but then I'd need a gift for words and visuals o.o Aie~

Self money plug! If NEone's interest I gotz an auction going on at Furbid. For useless info. I make no money offa this^^; "Leftovers" kinda.

Finally updated my site...wanna redo everything...just gotta think of a layout...something nice and simple, but nifty. Of course that's what I said for the *dead* profiles section x.x

5:24 PM

Went to see Final Fantasy today..finally...movie I've been waiting for years and I almost missed it >< Due to circumstances and bad planning I didn't get a chance to see it sooner when returning from Taiwan. Drove to the theatre, but it turned out that they had very recently stopped showing it..thinking "hey, maybe this is the wrong one" *my newspaper doesn't have local movie listings* I drove to the other 2 theatres *closeby thank goodness* but nope, not there either. So I was in a world of disappointment, that and I was really pissed off at a "friend" this morning. Argh I hate you so much sometimes...what kind of friend are you?! But I went to check out the last movie theatre in town *AMC 24 stopped playing FF too*. It's a old one that shows movies that leave the main theatres but don't get everything. It's kinda random...By sheer luck they were showing Final Fantasy, yea!! Luckily I got there around 2:15 and the next show was 3:00 with another one at 6 and 7. So, yes! I get to see my movie and I liked it^^ But then there were that row of kids...right behind me...I swear they couldn't be older than 10 and at least one could barely read. They...would...not...shut...up...I wanted to smack them so hard. Ex. In the dramatic mouring scene they kept talking "No, the funny guy died." "No, he didn't die his spirit was taken." "Who's the funny guy?" etc. I went to see Pokemon the movie on opening day...the entire theatre of kids knew when to shut up. These ones in a total of less than 15 people wouldn't stop...Ruined it all >< But at least I enjoyed the movie, but it'll forever be tainted by those brats.

1:39 PM

Wow...an animated version of Terry's Pratchett's Soul Music~ Death looks weird...I always imagined him as being friendly looking all the time^^; Well that's how skulls look to me o.o Big round holes and all~ Susan looks weird too^^; But whoohoo! Death of Rats! XD
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