10:36 PM
Hypnotist: And you're given a brand...new...18wheeler! *people all smile, booyeah. One guy pulls his keys from his pocket to drive. Another puts on a seatbelt* Now you're backing up and...THUD! Oh my god you hit a cop! A cop! Floor it! *panicked people do indeed floor it* Whew, that cop is long gone and no one's going to catch you. But oh no! You can't make the next turn and hit the guard rail! THUNK! You're falling and the ground is rushing at you! *One guy is crossing himself repeatedly, I loved that guy he was so kewl XD* But look infront of you and push the button marked ROCKET....

*Skip ahead* Now you're back on the ground with a smooth landing. You're on a straight road and can go as fast as you want. You're going 50, now 70, then 100, and 130. You're feeling good. Cruising along. You look out the window and you see a squirrel. It's running along side you and keeping up...*people look in disbelief* You speed up, but the squirrel is still there. Now there's two! Now there's a whole swarm off them keeping up! *Various reactions, some try to go faster. Some try to run them over. The one kewl dude tries to shoot them. First a hand gun, then shot gun, but drops that so he can still drive between shots*

*skip to the end* When I say the word green...everyone in the audience is naked. When I say red, you are naked. *Many enjoyed the naked audience XD* Now you, just you*to one girl* when I saw Chicago you will have the urge to run up on stage, grab my mike and enthusiastically tell a story. But you will forget the story after 6 words and stand looking around dumbly. *oddly enough the girl added 6 words to the word count everytime he said Chicago*

That dude was so kewl XD

Me and my attraction to Grim Reaper stuff o.o; Newest little items: Grim & Evil *well that's from back when it was part of the Big Pick on Cartoon Network, but now it's a whole show yeah!*, and Grim Fandango~

12:35 AM

What's this? It's possible for me to get my Bachelor's and Master's in 5 years? Dude, I am so going for that starting sophmore year o.o

Sorry but I don't even know what Library Science is let alone which university would be best, so can't help ya there^^;;

Am I just not seeing this Lie/Spears connection?^^;; Oh wait...there it is...XD

I wanna have another kickin' dream tonight XD plus one I can tell from reality...unlike that gray-blue Tre thing x.x

I lum watching hypnotist shows, they are so fun XD There was one at the UMC today so I went to see his show along with the comedy one right before it. LOL Cirque Du Soleil spoof. *laughs at NerdWeed who'll probably be having nightmares of cheese and baloney*

11:49 AM

Gyah...home sick X( I am so staying home sophmore year.

Lie looks so kickin'! But for some reason I dreamed that it was this gray-blue Tre theme o.O;

Eeeeee~! I lum this pic so much! I don't know why, just do~ which also reminds me to get all my comp. equip together...

I think I've been watching Gargoyles too much...had this weird dream with Reiu in it *he looked more evil, but hot^^;;* It was like a weird combo of Reiu+that future ep. of gargoyles where Goliath threw away the Pheonix Gate at the end. So Reiu was all older and future-like. His clothes looked kinda like Solid Snake from Metal Gear Solid. But he had some extra scar down his eye. I don't remember much but one part we were in this elevator and going up a really tall building, but we were going too fast and wouldn't be able to stop at the top. The City view was really pretty though^^ We talked, wish I could remember what we said though. There was another guy there...someone kinda like Xanatos. But somehow we got out and it turned into a first person shooter with all these jelly-men in suits o.o Then I said I didn't want to play this game anymore and quit/woke up.

Now I wanna draw Reiu =3 But don't have the time ><

8:48 PM

Okay...I have this horrible feeling that dorm life is gonna suck o.o I also have a horrible feeling I'm gonna be getting a 2.4 too, therefor losing my scholarship *have to maintain a 3.0* x.x Geez...thanx deans, that orientation day helped a lot! LOL I'm half wanting to just start and get the anxiety over with. Aie...why did I get in EE? As one dean put it "the toughest major in the toughest college in CU." Not to mention that study groups/partners are so important to achieving here x.x Argh...not...good...at...socializing... This place spits out astronauts too, heehee^^ I wanna take that class that makes and launches satellites! Maybe I can next sem.

Okay, off to a party for new students to get to know each other. I wanna win that tv or PS2 *____*

9:25 PM

What is freecell? o.o

Okay...so my knife that I use as a letter opener is under 3 inches...okay it's exactly 3 inches if you count the whole metal part even if the bottom is just design. I'll just bring it along and keep it out of sight o.o It's my only offense against CD plastic wrappings! x.x

Eeeeeee~! Is so pretty/cute/kewl *____*

Kye's skin color looks weird...yeesh, must finish pic >< It's been sitting around for who knows how long. That and Soca's bugging me to draw 'em more and in color. Hey, maybe I'm gonna hold off some more 'cuz you keep calling me 'feather head'. Ya like that eh? Eh? Erm...*runs away*

Alright...met one of two roommates...got my new comp setup...got my job pretty set...got all my textbooks...now just gotta find where my classes are and brace myself for the school year x.x

I wanna name my computer something...but don't know what. Too bad I find it a bit on the ugly side^^;;

My classes:
Freshman sem. *no idea what this is, just that it's required o.o*
Calculus for Engineers *'cuz I only scored a 3 on my AP exam^^;*
Beginning Japanese 1 *'cuz my last Jap. class was a year ago and I forgot most of it o.o;*
General Physics
Comp Science I: programming *argh! I suck at programming! help me x.x*

Am I the only person here too dumb to take at least one college class before I actually enter college?! x.x

I am now a postal worker...fear me! BWAHAHAHA! I control your mail! Beware those of Reed Hall...your mailbozes are tiny, they force me to be brutal with your mail o____o

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