9:55 PM
I feel so violated -____- Someone stole my Oni from me. If it were anyone else I wouldn't take it so hard, but not Oni~ ;__; I mean, she is -me- dan' it! How dare you steal that?!

11:01 PM

I find my appreciation and view of "famous" people changing. Usually it's stuff like movie stars, but now I'm finding famous people all around campus. My recitation prof. discovered an important thing*can't remember what it was exactly, don't know enough about pacemakers* that makes pacemakers work. Chef from South Park works here, literally. Creators of SP went here too, think they majored in business. Then there's the people who brought an atom to 0 Kelvin and a whole bunch of very good researchers here. It's amazing o.o

10:55 PM

Wanna draw so many things...everythin' except what I need to get done before end of tomorrow o.o;; Wanna draw Etsu and Kooriatama short manga, wanna do pairing spoofs *thought of a new one but forgot it ><*, wanna do some more pieces for NDK art show, wanna draw pics for other peeps, wanna oekaki, wanna draw schmooze, wanna draw something bloody and violent, wanna draw a image from a dream...

NEwhooo...tablet's going heywire >< so I'm taking a break and looking for some nice winamp skins^^ Haven't found what I was looking for yet, but found a whole lotta ones of really hot bishies XD ex. one sexy Vincent. Can't decide which I wanna use!

I draw Oni too much...

Oooo~! War of Genesis stuff!

I love that "My Omelete" song despite hating omeletes XD

11:30 PM

Odd...I get so miserable around 10 each night, then stay up 'till past 12 when I need to wake up at 7:30 each morning. Wander what's wrong with me. Have that horrible empty feeling in my heart, weird how its actually physically uncomfortable feelin' =/

Oooooo~ Dyson spheres~

Yoshiko and I were talking about spoof pairings*matchmaker matchmaker o/~* of my characters. I wanna do it as soon as I think of some kewl pose stuff XD Odd how most are guy+guy pairings and/or child abuse situations o.o; So far the only ones I'm willing to draw are: Rivendell+Reiu, Ark+Coniau, and Ark+Terrall XD Maybe I should ask Ark first before I put him in drag again though *Soca yelling "Nooo! Just go for it!" in bg*

8:51 PM

Alright! Little college break after I went and did my calc HW for the next to sessions instead of one and my japanese HW outta sheer memory 'cuz my speakers are broken*I need to listen to conversations on it then write them over with myself as the peep* ><

On to Swammi's survery 'cuz it looks fun^^

1) What sort of art do you draw?: furry/anime/manga

2) How many characters have you created?: Ah er...30-40 somthin'?

3) How many characters have you created that are supposed to represent yourself?: Oni mostly~ ermm...but then accidently the Master of Beasts a bit^^;;

4) What are their names?: Oni, Ark, Socara, Asia, Chaonen, Eizou, Terrall, Darkness, Silence, Beast, Nightmare, Demon, Hell, Damien, Rivendell, Reiu, Tidari, Elrean, Koji, Aquin, Rin, Etsu, Kooriatama, so far unnamed HellDemon, Lex(trainer and pokemon), Runin, Xinphsym, Mac, Nin'nako Foxie, Water Serpante, Coniau, Vladislav, Seisui, Koyuki, Ketel, Ketel's sister (she has a name, but dun feel like tellin'^^;), Ieyasu, Amadius, unnamed Burmerican DragonKnight, Sarai...erm probably more somewherez...

5) Out of all your characters, which is your favorite?: Ah, probably Oni or Darkness and Eizou. Or maybe Etsu/Kye I lum 'em so~ =3

6) Do any of your friends have characters of their own?: mostly my online ones do~

7) Which of your friends has (in your opinion) the best designed/best characterized persona for themselves?: Probably lynlyn's Claris. ^_^;

8) Out of all of your friends' characters, which one do you think is the hottest?: Dun really know, so many of them are so hot! XD

9) If you had to make one of your friends into their persona character, who would it be and why?: Bwah? o.o

10) What medium do you find the easiest to use?: pencil/ink/paint progs.

11) Have you ever/can you color with a paint program?: Indeed hai!

12) What real media do you prefer?: Color pencil/markers even if I such at both XP

13) Would you rather color with markers, pencils, or a paint program?: One word..."Undo! Undo! Undo!" Make that one word, 3 reps.

14) Does it bug you when other people watch you draw?: Not really, maybe 'cuz no one watches me o.o

15) Name one medium that you'd like to master: Marker

16) What medium do you think you are the best at right now?: Paint Progs sadly x.x

17) Who's your hero artist?: Mayumi Azuma, Koge-Donbo, and that one jap. peep I dun know the name of o.o;

18) Who's drawn you the most pictures?: no idea o.o

19) If you could draw one picture and have it become the most famous picture in the world what would it be of?: Er..something with a graveyard and Terry Pratchett style death. Has to have a scythe somewhere o.o

20) How many of your friends think you're crazy when you tell them about your characters?: Only da ones who dun have characters^^;;

*glomps 'em both =3*

9:30 PM

AAARRRGGGHHHH!!! NOOOO!!! Stupid stupid fatal error! I need this driver for my scanner! *cries for lack of scanner and commission to get done*
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