8:51 PM
Dan' it's cold today >< Can even see my breathe. Guess I can start expecting winter again. Not so bad just from Sept. to May XD

12:35 PM

Wow o.o If I had know asking would have worked I would have done it! Do it do it! Make that sketchblog! *shakes madly*

12:21 PM

My Ideal Anime Man:
# 1 Nagoya Chiaki from Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne
# 2 Morisato Keichi from Ah! My Goddess
# 3 Ryohji Kaji from Neon Genesis Evangelion

Yami no Matsuei chara:
# 1 Kurosaki Hisoka
# 2 Muraki Kazutaka
# 3 Tatsumi Seiichirou
Took it even if I don't know much about it^^;; *goes to look up those characters*

Star Ocean 2nd Story Character:
# 1 Ashton Anchors
# 2 Noel Chandler
# 3 Bowman Jean
Yeah! Ashton^^

X-Files Character Selector:
# 1 (Lab Geek) Daniel Pendrell
# 2 John Fitzgerald Byers (Lone Gunman)
# 3 Richard 'Ringo' Langly (Lone Gunman)
Forhike was 4th. Wanted to say that 'cuz he's kewl XD

Got an email today...the beginning of their email was arkzetallis@*blah*...okay now o.O; People seem to like him^^;; but he's mine so HA! @___@ *puts Ark in bag for safe keeping*

Missed the first ep. of Digimon Tamers this morning >< Was kicking myself all over, but then I found out their was another one^^ That That is after I watched Moolah Beach in disappointed horror~

I need to stop watching the late night stand upcomedians on Comedy Central. It's not good for my health. Probably would have been safer if I wasn't eating an asian pear at the same time. *laughlaughgagchokechokegagcoughlaughlaugh*

10:42 PM

Mmmmm~ own domain looks tastier and tastier. *____*

Can't decide on zetallis.com or zetallis.org just 'cuz .org sounds so kewl XD

Was I the only one that enjoyed High School and my one basic art class?^^;; Note: my teacher hated anime. But mine's anime in diguise XD That and I actually liked my assignments^^;

10:31 PM

Me: ARgh! Dan' u squirrels! Get away from me! Getawaygetaway!
Ark: ...
Me: Can't even walk under trees anymore! That nut almost hit me! I'll hunt you down squirrel!
Nerdweed: Sure, we'll get all the squirrels together so you can shoot them.
Me: Would be like a solid mass of squirrels.
Ark: Um...good luck on your war against squirrels^^;
Me: What are you talking about?! You're my 2nd in command and Nerdweed is uh...errr...the Loser. Least that's what his TA calls him.
Nerdweed: He doesn't call me that! It was a word that started with L and means something like smart allec.
Me: Then I'll just have to say it until you think it is!

Ah Josh, Ark. You guys are so fun XD The Brain lol

Stuff I noticed:
-People seem to run through "artists of the week" type things o.o No insult meant at all~ but it's like I see a sudden influx of Roux fanart, now 13:11.
-Sudden rise in commission auctions~

Not like it matters, just saying^^;; I really oughta get to work....naw XD

5:29 PM

Ya dun want my junk taking up megs upon megs of your space XD;

3:23 PM

Must draw something...postable soon~

3:21 PM

BWAH! LOL, aw man~ XD

WEIIIII! *glomptackles* You're back! *tosses much confetti and festive objects in the air*

9:06 PM

Bad Spree bad! x.x Now where am I gonna out my pics? Maybe I should break down and get that 100mb space at addr.com for $10 a month o.o But then what happens if somewhere along the line I can't pay or server does down? Would have to go and get another more expensive domain. Aie aie aie...*he's my samurai*

10:09 PM

Wasting my time on the comp~ Could get ahead in calc~ Could get ahead in programming or do my reading~ Physics 'ill have to wait~ Could finish that Etsu and Kye pic I've been putting off~ Could actually draw something for myself o.o~ Could go and watch battlebots at 11-12~ Could well...sleep~ Or I could listen to DDR on a continous loop and type this...~ Err...good gah, this is like my to-do list!

I'm on such a DDR high it's not even funny. Should bring in my PS and pads. Handy DDR site. This where I get all my location info~XD HMmmm Korean mix is kinda closer...but darn you. You and your Extra mix ;___;

There are 6 DDR Machines in CO now! WHOOO!! *2?! Where the hell is Lone Tree? ><*

It's thriller, darling
You're a wonderful lover, baby
(Ay, iyaiyaiyai)
July, December
Always deep inside of my mind
Tell me why (Ay, iyaiyai)

You keep a pocketful of green green dollars
I love you though it's the time
You're very hard
You sound like a young fella
Take me on the night

Boom boom boom boom
Shoot you like a bambar
Boom boom boom boom
At your order
Boom boom boom boom
Pushing all the buttons
More time

[Don't like a tango ]
[Dancin' your fandango tonight, baby]
[(Ay, iyaiyaiyai) ]
[We'll meet tomorrow ]
[Boom boom never slows for you, baby]
[(Ay, iyaiyaiyai) ]

[You pretty doll you like me like tha dollars]
[Oh baby this is the time ]
[So you can buy the world like Rockefella' ]
[Dance with me tonight ]

[Boom boom boom boom ]
[Shoot you like a bambar]
[Boom boom boom boom ]
[At your order ]
[Boom boom boom boom ]
[Pushing all the buttons]
[More time ]

[Boom boom boom boom ]
[Shoot you like a bambar]
[Boom boom boom boom ]
[At your order ]
[Boom boom boom boom ]
[Pushing all the buttons]
[More time ]

Boom boom boom boom
(Ay, iyaiyaiyai)
Boom boom boom boom
(Ay, iyaiyaiyai)
Boom boom boom boom
Pushing all the buttons
More time

Boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom!

Wow! *watches her self esteem drop below 0 Kelvin* Oddly, I'm quite fine about that o.o;;

*watches her roommates friends try to wake her up*

8:34 PM

Few x.x Glad that's over~ Yeesh, I reacted like such a pansey! x.x
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