10:39 PM
So...um...what's going to happen to the military students? *ie, Air Force Academies, on campus students, etc?* I have too many military friends...it worries me.

9:42 PM

I suck at words so...It's not like I'm not sad anymore. Inwardly I'm still mourning, but I'm just trying to get on with my life too.

12:14 AM

*shoves a chair behind Oni o.o* Ah, yes, it does look very weird...Hmmmhmmm how to fix...a whole buncha things I believe I shall leave in after some thought*eyeshadow for example, though it makes it look like she has blackeyes*, mostly just to add odd things that fit and don't fit to make it seem uh...not normal yeah...but thanx for the critiques^____^ *now ponders how to fix that dress problem...and hopes she has time x.x Works like mad on her Etsu pic*

*glomps Seby!* Schmooze! Seby drew me schmooze!Oooo~ This calls for a retaliation pic~ *goes to find Reiu XD*

5:56 PM


Oni: Critiques would be appreciated^^ This is one of the pieces I plan on selling at NDK. Didn't turn out as special as I wanted it to be though. Whoo~ Oni wearin' white for once...weird^^;

I lum this pic so much! XD And what's wrong with Vincent? He's so..*drool* Though yeah, he isn't THE best.

Okay...I hope NDK isn't cancelled. I don't mean any disrespect to 9.11.01 in any way or form! But it would be silly to cancel it! What good would it do?

Today, I got out of calc and outside the Engineering center were two trucks*one with a large satelite* and people setting up a news camera and light screen. Apparently CNN was going to have a live interview with a professor of Civil Engineering here. I didn't catch his name, but he was one of the people who designed the structure of the WTC towers. I stood there for an hour waiting for them to go on since I wanted to know what he would say.

In the end, he was cut out. Pity.

He seemed like a really nice and good humored man. Sometimes I couldn't tell if he was serious or not, but I'm sure when he said if it were up to him he'd build another building on the same site, at least 20 stories higher just to make a point, he was serious. And he'd willing work in it, just to make a point.

According to him, the buildings could have taken at least 3 jetliners without falling, but the fuel had melted the steel. So the planes were basically to carry the fuel. The buildings weren't designed to take who knows how many tons of burning fuel. Sigh.

I heard on the news that a foreign airline *in Europe I think* has a sharpshooter in disguise on every flight to prevent hijackings. Wonder if that would happen here.

I have never hated being underweight more than now in my entire life...not even close. I'm about to turn 19 soon and don't even weigh enough to donate blood.

Called home and asked how everyone was. How my relatives in NJ were, how my grandma is...who lives all alone in NYC...As far as we know everyone's alright. My relatives called from Taiwan, used 3-4 hours to do so. They were so concern.

On a very different note:
Finally finished my own pic rather than a work pic =P I'll post it as soon as I get some critiquing of it done. Unless someone reading this wants to critique it. Just smack me if ya do~

3:13 PM

I feel so disgusted. Couldn't even watch it...to rejoice and give out candy to children when who knows how many people are dead?! Don't even know how to express how I feel...just...all this feeling of loss, disgust, and horror. God help us. Horribly enough the people responsible probably will never be caught. After years of searching, some scapegoat will be found, but not them. Those bastards.

I'm so confused...

Okay...now it's really really scary...think I'll go donate some blood too...

9:06 AM

Good gah! First thing I hear this morning. This is just scary x.x

11:34 PM

*swears...* I think I just lost the respect of that voice of reason...stupidstupidstupid...had wanted a pic of Oni and Ark all couply done in traditional media. Probably wanted it so bad since I can't do anything like that myself. Can't even draw a normal couple picture let alone schmooze...NEwhoo...I'm not going for it anymore. Hope I can catch him tommorrow and apologize to him.

On happier thoughts since I can't do anything until that time*so why beat myself up about it?*~:

Reiu doesn't have fangirls he's....apparently got kidnappers o.o

ARGH! Dan' it! I wanted this so bad! More than Rose Besch's >< But $120 was my limit...*wonders whether to listen to the voice of reason talking to her over aim or give in and go for the $200 limit* Annoying people...didn't Chrys get Besch's already?! And these two have already bid on so many others...let me have this one! ><

12:54 PM

Look! I drew stuff! XD Well I drew a bit more, finally...but dun feel like putting them up on icky spree. NEwhoo, it's a follow up to the Rivendell pic I did a while ago.

Little story that goes with it:
One day, Tidari, who was all the way in Point: Zetallis said, "Rivendell, you're coming to that meeting here on the 12th! And bring that secretary of yours."
Reiu: I'm an assistant...
Rivendell: *looks at tickets* So we fly to Point: Zetallis on some cheap-ass airline...
Reiu: Doesn't NIGHTMARE have it's own jets?
Rivendell: *grumbles*
[Finally arriving in Point: Zetallis after nearly crashing into the docking bay]
Rivendell: -.-
Reiu: -.-
Rivendell: Okay...Tidari gave us just enough finance to take the lower-level subway...
Reiu: -.-
[On the subway. Rivie and Reiu get jousled alot.]
Rivendell: He could have at least paid for a cab.
Reiu: That man just groped me...
[Reiu gets groped again]
Reiu: *twitches*...*twitches somemore* Hold this for a sec...*hands Rivendell his display-tablet*
[The train finally pulls into the last station.]
Reiu: Damn it...this was a new suit too...*dusts off his suit, steps on a twitching pile of electrocuted pervert on his way off the train.*
Rivendell: Yes, I suppose that happens when you go ballistic on someone in a filthy subway train.

GYAH~! *glomps Billy-look-a-like* How'd ya get that spiffy paint brush look? *_____*

Black string and crosses are always so nifty~ Oooo~ now I wanna draw him playing the piano or something =P He'd look so nice with an old black grand~

6:42 PM

Today...was a grand day...There is now a DDR 3rd mix korean version in the arcade about a 15 minute walk from my dorm! WHOOOOO!! I loved it soooo much! EHEHEHEEEE! Even won 20 free tokens XD I'm...so...happiii~
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