1:00 PM
Dude, John Marshall was born on the 24th too XD

11:30 AM

So uh...my total amount of art is currently homeless^^;; Hopefully I'll be able to set up my space and domain over this weekend...well okay late on Sunday since this weekend is NDK XD I'm sooooo excited...must get...Toshihiro Kawamoto's autograph on something Cowboy Bebop...

Hope addr.com doesn't screw me over o.o

I will find that squirrel and stomp its brains in...not only did it throw a nut at me, but it actually hit me this time! ARgh!! Yess...the trees will shelter you now...but someday, those trees will be my allies and I will crush you...*snaps a twig, points at squirrel*

12:12 AM


11:00 PM

WEiii~! I can't do my physic's HW, I don't understand limits that approach infinity, I don't have enough time to go to Kinko's to print my stuff, I have 3 exams in a row next week that will kill me, I don't have enough time to study 'cuz I suck, I can't relax! WEiiiiiIIIEhehehehheheheheeee, shoot me in the head this time x.x

*goes back to studying...*

Bwah! is so kewl! XD

Rai~ you're child is so cute^____^ I want one~

Righto! Fixed my Etsu pic~ can't believe I forgot his halo x.x

Gyah...dun wanna draw NEmore -.- Not like I gotz NEtime dese comin' weeks NEways~ bwah.

11:20 PM

Alright! Finally got done with all my NDK junk XD Well hopefully others won't view it was junk and buy 'em! So I dropped that recent Oni pic since too many things were wrong with it.

So now I'm gonna be displaying and auctioning these pics:
1, 2, 3, and 4

AND~! My b-day's in about a week (the 24th)! So if NE one wants to shower me wth gifts I won't stop ya XD

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