9:56 PM
Mosh Mosh Revolution XD Yes! Go Largo!

9:54 PM

I feel inspired...in a horrible horrible way... XD Gasp! Is this that teenage angst that I hear so much about...wait no...got it all wrong, this is that brewing seething teenage anger that's just so fun. BOO YEAH!

Adult angst is funny XD

NEwhoo~ been dlin' anime music videos^^ I lum 'em soooo~ and if someone gives me a working link/file to Vash vs. Spike AMV. I'll lum u too o.o Unless you're that one guy...*points to previous post* This one be so kick-butt! Think my fav. is still Magentic Rose-Phantom of the Opera Techno Mix by Kevin Caldwell though~ but this one comes really really close^^ Must find Kare Kano - You Spin Me Round *_____*

8:14 PM

Myaaa~ alright, gettin' mine art copied is somethin' I don't like. But using my characters for RPs and...argh makin' 'em do...icky stuff (cosexugh) makes me mad ><;;;

She gets some when I say so! Same with Ark, Koji, or whoever else is being used O____O

"I'm as deaf as a sponge!"

Odd, when your characters come up with their own quotes...o.o

11:59 PM

Paranoid: Low
Schizoid: Moderate
Schizotypal: Moderate
Antisocial: Low
Borderline: Low
Histrionic: Moderate
Narcissistic: Low
Avoidant: High
Dependent: Moderate
Ahaa that was fun XD

11:40 PM

LOL! I hope she/he(I'm not sure can't remember o.o;;) doesn't mind me posting this, but I found this hilarious:

"hey oni my friend alex and i were arguing over something...............is Ark a virgin??"

Whatcha all ya people out there think? Yes or no, be mister pimp man a virgin or someone who got some? XD

10:05 PM

Can't believe I forgot to mention this! Forgive me Jess! ;___; I really do lum it so! Squirrel Stompers...yessss ;)

Haha, I didn't really think she was gonna do it^^;; She asked me what I wanted and I said big ol' boots for squirrel stomping boots! XD Beware squirrels, beware.

Soo...apparently I do and did have a test/exam everyday this week >< Alright, got Japanese Part 4 test done...physics failed but done...think I did alright on my calc...comp. sci first thing in the morning...hiragana and part 5 Jap. test on fri weiiii~! But I checked ahead and this is the last every test is right after another XD

On the otherhand, I've been really getting my jobs done quickly and nice^^;; Must be the pressure, can't be idle unless I'm asleep o.O

"hello how do you like my new s/n he he i think oni is so cool "

I get weird emails...one even was even asking if I was this..Lauren..and please people, I wanna keep my characters mine -.-

"Death is our inspiration, terrorism our trade..." my fanfic's little undeclared motto. It's kinda odd to look at now after 9.11. I considered changing it, but then thought...well this is a fantasy story, my characters are mercenaries, and they are inspired by death in more ways than one. So perhaps, when that comes up, I'll put a note with it. After all, dun want people thinking I support terrorists =/

11:34 PM

Oh good gah...I just remembered that the night earlier, I had a horrible dream I had done really bad on my test...and it came true >< DAMNIT DAMNIT DAMNIT! ><;;

But I'll be damned if I don't pass my Calc and Comp. Sci. exams...if I can't have an A or B or even C in Physics I'll have them in those other classes...

Shady, addr.com is alright as far as I know. Gonna be getting a domain there myself soon...and dreamhost.com is good I heard too.

Ragnarok has such kewl character designs *_____*

I don't usually swear...but my physics exam...kicked...my...ass...*cries*

9:38 PM

So horribly...horribly...torn between drawing or writing my fic...x_____x *then back to studying of course XD*

Been a while since I've been abusive to Oni o.o;;;;;; Eee...be bummed if I can't draw it right though~ Dan' u Rurouni Kenshin OAV for giving me such ideas! O.O

Was looking at Rai's blog. Then I looked elsewhere, then came back a moment later and it was different XD Was like POOF! All black!

8:18 PM

I like my professors..they're funny...this was an old math hw, that I'm looking over and the answers are posted after the asignment is due. And I saw this "answer." The problem was to make sure you were in radian mode on the calc. #39 c, on the way bottom. XD

8:14 PM

Study break:
This was the normalist b-day of my life o.o The entire day was studying for my exams x.x my b-day dinner was ramen and a nice french fruit cake thing Ark and Soca got me^^ Then we went back to studying o.o Infact, I'm taking a break now since Ark had to go to his study session for Chem. But he didn't do anything to me today, we're all too stressed out 'bout the exams. Of course his excuse was that he might freak me out, then I wouldn't be able to study NEmore. Thank you Ark~XD Nice to know you care~

Agh I'm tired...tired to the point I test if the water's close enough to boiling by sticking my finger in it. Then pouring it into the bowl from a mug above my keyboard...and we all know what happens when you pour water from mugs...yeesh, am lucky I didn't short circuit the thing ><

Argh...I'm pissed...apparently my other roommate let her brother...if that's who he really is...sleep on my bed using my pillow! ARGH! She didn't even ask >< My pillow...argh...now it's dirty...That and she broke the window screen coming in at 3:30 AM...now we can't close the window and it's cold...

Okay...I need to study...

11:55 PM

*pats Seby* Am sorry =/ Hope ya have some pictures though^^; would lum'd to see dis festival *___*

11:47 PM

Whoo~ study break XD

NDK bit-o-report(more like babblestuffz):
Alright got there at 4:00 pm on Friday~ stood in line for an hour and got a my badge. Odd how the new registration line was much much much shorter. I was pre-reg'd. Got my art up, then went wanderin' can't even remember what I did o.o Got to talk to an the guest artist that I can't seem to remember his name...I'll look it up when the ndk.cc site gets updated. But he was really good of course^^; Went to opening ceremonies and found out that Kawamoto (char. designer of Cowboy Bebop and others) couldn't make it ;___; but we did get someone from Studio Hard to replace another peep who couldn't make it. He was kewl^^ Very nice and speaking through translator. Then I found out that *gasp-o-gasp* Scott McNeil was here. He did the voice of Dinobot, Rattrap, Waspinator, and Silverbolt from Beast Wars. Hack from Reboot. Wolverine from X-generations(? on WB). And Duo for dubbed Gundam. Okay, I didn't care for anything after Reboot o.o but AIE! Dinobot! XD Got his autograph^_____^ he signed "...and the rest is silence..." along with my name too! Then I went back home~ came back Sat.

Noon and watched the anime music videos peeps made for the contest. I look forward to them every year^^ There were a buncha Rurouni Kenshin OAV ones this year. They were good but I got sick of them =/ Went through the day wonderin' 'round, listening to things, buying stuff in the dealers room XD Didn't watch much anime o.o;; But I did see the end of Memories: Magnetic Rose, missed the beginning =/

Sunday, I went and watch the first two eps of Star Ocean EX^^ Then the music video awards! Ah, they were fun^^ The one I wanted to win won one of the 5 awards too^___^ Pity I don't know the name of the anime >< really really wanted to see that one since last year. Supposedly it'll be on the US market somewhere next year...

Stuff I bought:
I bought a nifty plastic seethrough Chobits poster^^ While lookin' for a pic of it*too big to scan* I found this! It's so nifty, I want! Now if only I had the figure to wear it...
Bought a Card Captor Sakura artbook. A Cowboy Bebop card with Spike, Julia, and Viscious on a subway train. Postcard of Dejiko from the Fantasy game. A buncha nifty lookin' Aquarian Age cards. A really nice bokun. Was opting for a short blade and/or dagger but they didn't have any I really liked. I bought the DNA Angel pencil board of the image I'm using fer'n my blog rights now, along with a Pita-Ten one and a X/1999 'cuz 'em two guys looked hot XD Then I went and bought myself a kimono o.o;; It's all peachy with clouds and flowers~ wanted blue or blue-green, but they didn't have any.

And and! I now have a real chocobo plushie^___^ it's kinda small, fits in my hand so I'm calling him Warkie II. Didn't let myself buy NE CDs this time^^;; dey be expensive yo!

Art Stuffz:
Sold 4 outta 5 o' mine picz~ Odd how what I thought was the best didn't sell^^;; Made about $90, which is just enough to pay for my kimono and a pencilboard^^; But was kewl~ one of my buyers didn't show up after 1hr and 45 mins of waiting -.- ya suppose to show up within 3:00-4:00 ya know! But a very nice gal, that also had art there, Terri Stearns bought it^^ Kitsune bought two of my pics. Didn't win NE awards this year. The ones I tend to win went to her this year^^;; Ah, well, just makes me want to try harder! =) Kitsune's a nice gal too^^ Had first met her last year at the art show.

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