9:05 PM
Someday...I'll give one my characters a happy past o.o I think only one so far has had a happy one to begin with but that went down hill pretty fast^^; But like Zack said, tragic pasts are so much more fun XD *gives Koji a cookie for making his past so much more horrid for him*

Koji: *looks at cookie* I get crucifed, then my soul ripped from me...and all I get is a cookie to compensate?
Me: *smacks 'im upside the head* cookies solve everything! That and you get a lot of booze o.o
Koji: ... boo yeah!

Okage Shadow King: Buy me...buy me....buy me...
Me: What is that Okage: Shadow King the game I want so much?
Okage: Buy me...you know you want to.
Me: I do, I do! But I don't have a PS2 ;__;
Okage: Buy me anyways...buy me...buy me...
Me: Stop it stop it! *covers ears and cowers behind Ark*
Devil May Cry: Buy me...
Me: I only played you for 5 minutes in Software Etc!
Devil: You know you want to...

8:31 PM

Huzzah! Maybe I don't have to get my Master's immediately~ I could wait until I get a nice job that'll pay me to get it XD

Talkin' to Daddy about resumes:
Me: I don't have anything to put on it except what degree I'm pursuing and that I'm a mail clerk. Who want's that?
Dad: You should also put your projects down.
Me: What projects?
Dad: You're art ones.
Me: But that's not really a project! I can't lie on my resume!
Dad: Everybody lies on their resume!
Me: Oh fine, I'll lie on my resume when I've enough experience to know what I can get away with.
Dad: Well I didn't actually mean lie. Just expanding on what you do...
Me: You mean stretch the truth.
Dad: That's it!

I wanna go to art school more than ever now x.x;; Sometimes I hate being reminded of these things~ grraaah! Must get Bachelor's and Masters in 5 years, then I can use my Grad school money for art school XD

All my net friends are gonna end up successful artists/authors/whatever they aspire to be, and I'll be the electrical engineer o.O; Maybe I could at least work in defense and/or space systems though...~

8:45 PM

Work kinda sucked today. On one hand, I had plenty of time so didn't have to rush. Apparently it takes me 2 1/2 hours to sort and deliver mail when I'm doing it at a comfortable but efficient pace. Most of the time I only have 2 hours though, then I hav to rush and don't always finish Reed Hall. Stupid tiny mailboxes >< Why can't they be nice like Aden and Brackett? On the otherhand, it was very cold outside. But then I get all hot and sweaty with my coat on when I go inside to distribute mail. I'll probably end up sick from this -.- Tomorrow's gonna suck since many peeps are gone on vacation...probably won't be able to deliver most of Reed's mail since I can't fit anymore in their mailboxes. I hate leaving mail to the person who works on Monday >< It's so irresponible, but I can't help this situation =/

8:34 PM

*is completely blown away O____O*

4:40 PM

XD I want!

*glomps Mordred =3*

9:42 PM

Someone please please tell me they say today's second ep. of Who's Line Is It Anyways? =D

2:58 AM

Whoooo-sirreee-bob! Can't remember the last night I was up at 3AM~ Fall Break I lum u~

12:45 PM

Bwaaah! Can't decide if I want to combine my Junk and Oekaki sections into one and make it like a sketchblog layoutish thing or stick to what I have right now.

10:29 AM

Physics was fun today. We spent half the tme discussing the phyics of Willy Coyote and Road Runner cartoons! =D

I keep finding my self going back to this stripXD I need that game~

8:23 PM

Why is my new site image so dirty? And is it truly that hard to find a nice free bannerless counter?! ><;;

8:22 PM

I just had one of the best conversations in a long while ^______^ Went to dinner with a buncha friends, that eventually dwindled down to 4 of us. But we just stood out front and talked about stuff. It started out as camping up at the Continental Divide, then got Starcraft (10 solid minutes of zergling waves XD) Then that got shifted to argh...can't remember, but it's offa Half-Life (not Counter Strike). The WWII sim. one. Omaha(sp?) and all. Which then got into Marine talk, which Kye, one of the guys with us, is going into. Man he's gonna be an officer outta college already! 'ill miss him when he goes to bootcamp. LOL, navy sucks XD That went on for a while with Simpson's ref. getting interjected and watching the moon rise. Which lead to Middle East history, then we had to split. But aw man, that was really nice.

tis is spiffy, I will then know two people who can actually say "I'd tell you but then I'd have to kill you" seriously XD You're gonna be a great Marine Kye.

Can't remember the last time I drew a pic for the sake of drawing ><;; Can remember the failures but nothing that gets finished or even beyond messy sketch o.o...

My roommate got me into watching WB's Angel...it twas funny o.o

Last night I had pie. It was good, yummy, ectasy pie =3

8:53 PM

I feel inadequate and boring -.-

*works on her new layout*

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