3:17 PM
*has been trying to resist the livejournal heads for a long time >.>*

3:51 PM

At least my dream was somewhat nice last night. Except for the part about the car that's breaks wouldn't work. I seem to dream that alot >.>; and it's always a slight hill, never something big and scary. Yeesh, would think I'd stop dreaming that since I can drive prefectly now and have been for quite a while o.o NEwhoo~ I dreamed music that didn't exist (at least I don't remember hearing it before) and it was really really pretty *melts* I was going to buy the piano score for it but Barnes&Noble were out so I had to go order it >.> Then there was a part that I had apparently animated a short segment with Asia and Oni in it when I was younger and was wondering why I didn't do stuff like that now. Asia was all pretty in a big(a little too puffed out) violet chinese skirt that had small flowers dispersed on it near the bottom with a coat over it. Like a winter thing, but it was all sunny and green. But still looked spiffy NEways! Had flowers and she was sitting on a fence...I'll draw this if I ever get time. Oni was so...Lime (Saber Marionette J) like^^;; she was kinda dressed like her and doing a stunt on a bike. I remember blue skies ^_____^

10:13 AM

Welp! Checked my exam answers, and I failed or possibly got a D, that is if the graders give me partial credit. So I think I'll go uh...do somethin'...

11:45 PM

Zack Fig: *makes the vulcan greeting*
DemonEtsu: dat da hand thin'ie shaped like a V?
Zack Fig: *nods*
Zack Fig: live long and prosper, and may god bless ya with 20 kids XD j/k j/k
DemonEtsu: 20, lol
Zack Fig: 30?
DemonEtsu: up it to 40 then u'r talkin'
Zack Fig: *rotl*

I feel better after talkin' w/ mine friends and listening to Lifehouse' Hanging by the Moment and ingesting alot of sugar. Not the best, but better.

I'm a sad sad stupid little girl right now...so I'm just gonna work until I fall asleep ><; argh damn iiiiiiitt.

I see a frightening pattern forming here. Post-test syndrom. But this one sucked even more cause I seriously thought I knew this stuff >< That and it's leaking into everything else...so currently I hate my art and can't do calc, japanese or c++ which I have exams for next week too. Hazaah.

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