3:50 PM
Oh yeah, went to a sushi party with my japanese class thursday night^^ It was freakin' fun, crowded but fun^^ Waiter even turned a blind eye for those of us who were doing the under age drinking thing, not like I advocate drinking but they were being responsible about it. Mmmmmm sushi~sashimi~tempura...I want some right now >.> We finally learned each other's first names too XD We're so used to calling each other by our lastnames we never learned, or hear more than once for that matter, our firstnames^^;; I forgot them all already >.>; And oddly enough, I have no idea what my professor looks like o.o We're only taught by the TA, which is fine by me 'cuz she's nice^^

Alright, have my layout planned out for turning this thing into a sketch blog, then off to my livejournal I go~ er...if I can figure out how to do comments...maybe I should ask Swammi if I run into trouble^^;;

12:12 PM

I envy anyone who gets to see the Harry Potter movie today o___o

2:05 AM


Finally got it all, well most, transfered and coded and blah x.x Layout sucks we know, but that's just a temp. layout until we can get our new one up. But that'll be a while.

I think I'm gonna turn this thing into a sketchblog~

12:24 PM

Weii~!^^ Decided on a winner for my Halloween contest. Little Monster's the winner 'cuz his pic is so kewl Ehehehehee, Ghost Busters!XD Though everyone else's was kewl too^^ And Kaido gets a special mention for hers 'cuz it's spiffy and screams of style o.o

Steve Correl...is my hero!

Watched the OMG movie last night..with no sound >< Don't know what's up with that, but it was still pretty kewl. Can't wait till I can get it on DVD^^

Ark's calling me his Soul Taker now uh...yeah >.>;

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