Death is our inspiration
terrorism our trade...

8.16.01 AD

We back o.o dan'..naw j/k^^ Vacation can'tz last ferever~! But wes had a absolutely great time in Taiwan! Didn't even mind da heat NEmore^^ Takin' showers so much easier over dere~ Ermm..NEways! Oni worked hard ta give u peeps something ta look atz since practically drew nothin' in Taiwan. Be thankful fer a sudden muse attack @____@ NEwhoo..we plan on doin' some revamps o' da links anz renders section eventually so dey easier ta maintain...ya probably noticed links section realli messed ups o.o Anz profiles...we gots no idea on dat^^; Can't seem ta think o' spiffy layout fer dat.

So wes gotz new art, new oekakis, new renders, new race info. fer spellbook, new E&B chapter

'till next update. All Hail the Chicken! Sign the guestbook please!

  • New Art in Gallery
  • New spellbook info.
  • New Renders
  • New E&B Chapter