White Magic focuses on healing. Most magic users know a few simple white magic spells. Heal, for example. The more powerful spells like Resurrection can only be used by top White magickers though. Powerful users of this magic are unable to use magics with negative influences such as Black and Dark magic. The source of White Magic is usually given to God.

White Magic warning: " Subject must be healed slowly for medium to heavy wounds or what is being healed will not function properly. IE Bones will not heal correctly."

[ Angel Touch]
[ Ashura Shield]
[ Flow Snap]
[ Heal]
[ Healing Wind]
[ Heaven's Light]
[ Regeneration]

Angel Touch
This spell is very powerful and heals all wounds.
" Oh, heavenly beings of God...
Holy servants of the Omnipotent One...
Let your touch heal this unfortunate...
Ashura Shield
Ashura Shield is a powerful shield that is effective against Black Magics.
 Flow Snap
This spell breaks/ends a curse/spell on the subject. The ability to remove the curse/spell depends on the strength of the curse/spell and the power of the caster.
Heal is a simple spell that most magic users and doctors know. It heals minor wounds and cures poison. Also it can be used quickly and easily.

Healing Wind
This spell heals the majority of wounds except heavy wounds and fatal wounds.
Heaven's Light
Heaven's Light is very much like the Death magic spell, Resurrection. In that it brings the subject back to life. The caster must be an Adept of the White Magics to be able to cast this spell. Also, the deceased most have soul to be brought back.
" Blessed will of God...
I call out to thee and thy angels...
I ask humbly for the life of this poor soul!
Return that which was taken away is what I beg...
Regeneration heal lost limbs. If the caster is powerful enough, than the replaced limb will function as if nothing happened. If the caster is not completely capable of this spell, then the limb will not function correctly and might not even function at all.