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    Sectors of Zetallis

    In Zetallis, there are 4 sectors and 13 districts. Each sector contains 3 districts except for district 13 which is not part of any sectors. This city is extremely diverse and extremely immense.

    Sector 1:
  • Akia- Pure Technology and extremely complicated. Most of the new development in technology and weaponry is made here.
  • Sanasi- Scientific area of research and experiments. Many great scientists have come from here.
  • Ilcani- Zetallis Park is located here and covers the entire district.
    Sector 2:
  • Mirne- The scholarly district of Zetallis. Many fine schools and places of which to obtain information.
  • Ke'lak- Terminated. Reconstruction is to begin.
  • Hinase- This district mostly maintains the ancient days and looks much like Ancient China and Japan.
    Sector 3:
  • Geoke- Pure fantasy and unpredictable, where the imagination reigns supreme. Oddly enough, the best negotiators come from this district.
  • Dia'ge- A district of the arts. Performances of all kinds every night, art galleries, street shows, etc...
  • Wasahi- Port area where most of the shipping off of the city is down by airships. Also transportation off the city is provided here. No residents.
    Sector 4:
  • Runei- Market area where you can buy anything legal and many illegal. No residents.
  • Nanika- Mostly slums. Was slowly building itself back up and the process is becoming faster with the Nightmare Corporation fallen.
  • Yakaige- Terminated. Reconstruction is to begin.
    Center of Zetallis
  • Caitiorn Tower- The central area of Zetallis where the Caitiorn Tower is located. It is the fusion of Tech to Fantasy from the surrounding districts. Much astronomical research goes on within the Caitiorn Tower. The Tower is the base of where Officals work and run things in Zetallis and much of Cephta. Some areas are public, but most is for authorized personal only.

    What and Where is Zetallis?

  • Zetallis the immense city of the sky. One of the three major city/points in Cephta. It is like an island floating in the sky high above the ground with altitudes varying slightly with the weather but usually about a mile off of the surface. No one is sure how, but Zetallis casts no shadow in the surface, many believe it to be the work of the Silent Walker.
  • The city never stays in one place. Its course is mostly a circular pattern over Cephta. It generally passes East of Keynata, North of the Tucanae Mountains, West of Atlantis, and South of the Doradus Region. A complete cycle takes about 2 years.
  • There are rumors that there exists another sector under the surface of Zetallis that only the certain Officals or Silent Walker has knowledge of. Also it is rumored an infinite amount of Nin'nako Energy Flows in that underground sector.

    The [Zetallis Corporation]

    The [Zetallis Corporation] is the government that runs Cephta. It is heavily involved in keeping peace, education, and commerce trade with outside dimensions. The [Zetallis Corporation] is benevolent, unlike the group that had taken over for a short time and corrupted all around them. Like most things connected to Artifacts, the corporation supports The Phoenix, while thoughs of Darkness supposedly support The Dragon. It is situated in the center of Point: Zetallis in the Caitiorn Tower the area around it. Currently, the mortal leader of the corporation is Madam Yoshiko, though the Silent Walker still watches over things, so it is said. For Cephta is her domain. Though, the legends are now fading into the past. It is believed that Madam Yoshiko knows the secret behind the corporation, but chooses not to speak for the Knight of the Silent Walker, whom interacts with the corporation frequently, does not either; and it is not questioned by Officals of the corporation. Both the Knight of the Silent Walker and Madam Yoshiko are powerful mages, though they rarely display it and the Knight is very friendly and lighthearted. He does not allow other people, then Yoshiko, to know he is a Mazoku though, for fear of attracting unnecessary attention.


  • Caitiorn Tower
  • Window view from an edge of the city