WINNER: Little Monster

Special Mention: Kaido

Contest Entries - Winner selection in process:

Thanx to all who entered! Here are the entries so you can see
while we're deciding on the winner!^^ *listed in order of entry recieved*

1. Artica Blizzard Prower
2. Rozga
3. Neon
4. Kina
5. Kaido
6. Darkness of the New Specie
7. Carmen Ramos
8. Little Monster
9. Amethyst O'Brien
10. Triple
11. Shin Maxwell
12. Yoiko
13. Hobbes Maxwell
14. Zack
15. Axl Kitty

Oni and Ark love Halloween ya see, they love to dress up for ocassions like this or whatnot.
But the problem is, both are really busy around this time
and Oni barely has time to draw a Halloween pic. She tends to draw several
though most are just sketches, but not this year =/ So here's the contest!

Draw one or more of the Zetallis Crew's characters in a Halloween theme.
This can be costumes or spooky atmospheres or whatnot.
That's all^___^ (Here's a list of
many of our characters for those unfamiliar with them along with ref. pics)

You get a picture drawn by Oni. CG with whatever type of BG you prefer!

1. The character(s) in the pic must be ours or focus on ours.
2. No nudity or porn. And we don't think artistic nudity would apply in this contest.
If you question your entry email
and ask.

Important Extra Stuff:
1. Entries must be received by Nov. 10. (We started this late, so it's gonna go late^^;)
2. Have the email title be CONTEST ENTRY and send it to
3. Include your name and website if you have one.
4. If possible, please give us the link to the pic, but if need be you can attach it.
5. Pictures are judged by creativity and effort.
6. If we have a lack of entries the winner will get a pic but no BG. Sorry, but we had a
really really bad turn out last time.
6. Have fun!^____^