F   U   R   R   Y     A   R   T  

SD SApphire SD of SApphire the Echidna looking shy or scared, whichever you prefer. The second letter of her name in capitalized on purpose.
Scorch A friend of Oni's in MSC. She's a black hedgehog leaping over a railing at the moment.
Poster Soca-chan is really excited about something on that poster, in fact she didn't even finish tieing her coat or what ever it's called. Do you know what? I think Oni just drew this to draw Soca-chan's feet. Why? Ask the lunatic who drew it.
Running Away Oni and Socara running away from Fergadis, who is mad 'cuz Oni decided to "borrow" something and is being kick out of the house...again. Well lucky for you Fergadis, you don't have to live and travel with her! BTW Fergadis is purposely drawn wrong.
Wanted Criminals Two wanted criminals, stuck in the desert, and Oni looks a little bored. Which is bad 'cuz when she's bored she starts to act weirder then usual. There used to be a wanted poster that came before this pick, but Oni didn't like it so deleted it.
Ultimate Frisbee Let's see, me, Soca-chan. Chaonen, Oni, Asia, and Tim all playing ultimate frisbee! I love this game! Oops, look like it's guys against the girls, and the girls are about to score!
School Oni and Soca-chan wearing what they usually wear to school. Soca-chan goes to a private school so she has to wear a knee-length skirt. Oni isn't usually awake until 10:00 AM.
Oni One of Oni's favorites *one favorite that makes sense*. Nicely done with pencil.
Oni CLAMP Style Pose taken from Alcyone (SP?) From MKR which is by the best Manga team CLAMP!
Oni Another Style Oni yet again with a different style. Little doodle when she was bored.