F   U   R   R   Y     A   R   T  

B-day Pic for Chaos Another birthday pic, this one for Chaos Kitsune *I think that's his last name*.
SD Chaonen Finally Chaonen's SD pic! He's grinning, sticking out his tongue, and holding a cane sword. *The guy actually owns one in RL.*
Fergadis Fergadis' profile pic and one of the only ones. Another one's somewhere on this pages, but that's drawn wrong purposely. So here he is riding on his dragon.
Effects of Gravity Soca-chan and Chaonen playing around in big hats when...*dun dun DUN!* gravity kicks in...
Randy Skylander Randy Skylander, a friend of Oni's. Looking off into the distance. Randy himself
Socara This was mainly almost like a practice pic I was told. Soca-chan sitting on some kind of glassy thing.
Raichu Raichu, the General for the Lord of Nightmares. Took Oni forever to come up with this one.
Socara Again Soca-chan again. Another experimentish thing. *Why is Soca-chan always the Guinea Pig?* Either that or Oni did the whole thing which took her days and days on and off just to do that symbol on her shoulder *which is important*. Don't ask me, Oni's a whack ;P
Cliff's View This is a good one though. Socara standing on a cliff and over looking the ocean. Stars and the moon in the BG.
Hydro's B-day Pic Watch it. This one's bright because of Oni's sucky scanner :P Happy B-day to Hydro even If I don't know her! Hydro her player
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