9:15 PM
I'm hosting a Halloween contest!^^; I just hope people actually enter this time^^;

8:18 PM

Comic Talk~

Haazaaah! Jess did it! =3

I usually don't actually laugh outloud at comics, but today's PVP Online made me do that XD

Penny Arcade was pretty kewl too~ Mmmmm Dante~ *note how he's also a gun user o.o*

Today's Jackie Chan Adventures was great! XD I lum the Valmont/Shendu thing going on. It's kinda cute in a way too^^ Have always liked both of them anyways. Thank goodness they only show one new ep. of Digimon Tamers, couldn't decide which one to watch @__@;

"Um..Shendu, you're brother is talking to you." If you saw the ep. you'd get that ;)

*laughs* Well, I found out someone was stealing my art on VCL (thanx Zack and Sasha, you people are too good to me^___^) and their account was removed yada yada yada, but you know what? To people that copy my art, I can't stop you, but at least put some effort into it! This person didn't even take out my Image (C) Oni on 'em pics o.o

Does Oni come off as some kind of slut or something? o.o They had a desc that said something only the lines that 'her pleasures are hard to achieve but she finds ways' O.o; Hoobehaa

8:53 PM

*reads her guestbook* Why do people always call me by different names that are supposedly my RL name? o.o It's starting to make me paranoid @o;

7:42 PM

*screams bloody joy* XD AAHHH!! When did Toonami get the new Reboot episodes?! I have ever mentioned how much I love'ed Reboot o.o Heck, I'd learned how to render 3-D objects just to make fanart for that show! Though I liked Hexidecimal better when she was the insane red S&M virus^^; There have better be DVDs coming out for this! After all they have the 3rd season *which I have all on tape, hazaah!* why not the 4th eh?

10:10 AM

I want this book so bad, let alone one o' 'em pretty show chickens^______^ Seby's blog reminded me of it~

"Ostriches may be the fastest birds alive....but there not fast enough to dodge a shotgun!!"

11:04 PM

I'm a pansy XD;

Not to worry -- you're not a threat to society. Although a few quirks in your personality may present some challenges in life, those same idiosyncrasies may very well explain the reason your name continues to appear on "A" party lists.

I miss East coast falls. *sniffle*

7:56 PM

I like algebra, but when equations so beyond one line even when you're writing small, that just ain't right o.o

How I bring hallucinations, eh Seby? Can't be telling you one of my best secrets now ;)

7:12 PM

Can't decide if I'm a Porcupine or a snake^^;

7:02 PM

Oddly enough, when I put in "Oni Ahcem," my fairy name is:
Eldrich Auroraweb
Behaviour: An energy bringer
Seen When: Only in the mist of an early morning
Habitat: In church yards and places of the dead.

Stephanie Kao:
Feather Nebulaglitter
Behaviour: A bringer of hallucinations
Seen When: Only in the light of a shooting star
Habitat: In high places where the clouds meet the earth

Socara Tapestri:
Feather Snowfilter
Behaviour: A cleanser of the soul and a peace-bringer
Seen When: Only on midsummer's eve
Habitat: In high places where the clouds meet the earth.

Ark Gazer:
Gossamer Goldwitch
Behaviour: A stealer of coins and shiny trinkets
Seen When: Only in the enchanted moment between sleep and waking
Habitat: In spiderwebbed wonderlands and insect grottos.
Hahaha XD

Just for the hell of it, Terrall Slitheryn:
Buttercup Silverwand <--- Ark said that that was proof he's a pansy or some flower close enough^^; But then he's also a protector from evil demons and a poisoner of werewolves.^^;

Grah I need to draw something other than cards and my project, can't even color NEmore ><;; I'm not meant for this stuff x.x

5:10 PM

*thinks nifty cherub XD* No really! Must be the wings and the fact that I hate 'em cherubs, so Olivier and 'em wings = nifty cherub in my mind^^; Oooo~ I wanna do somethin' orangy now~

10:44 AM

I can't feel my legs...stupid cold weather ><;; If it's this cold it should be snowing! I need a scarf sooooo badly ;____;

Ooooo~ a Rai manga! Can't wait to see that!^^ and yeah, what Seby said. You're just as good!

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