Profiles: Cephta Citizens


Subject: Ahcem
Subject: Oni Aurora Ahcem
Alias: Journeyman of Death
Species: Winged Fox
Physcial Existance: 6031 years
Sex: Female
Description: A blue winged fox-wolf with darkish blue hair to her waist. Half white diamond on her forehead. One eye is light green and the other is lavender. White wings and a white tuff on her tail. Always wears a materia necklace.
Background: Subject was created by Coniau Ahcem [date unknown]. Later taken as Death to be trained as his apprentice in exchange for Coniau's immortality. Trained to kill.
Status: Currently Apprenticed to Death [Journeyman level], Freedom Fighter
Powers: Black magic: level [unknown] and Death magic: level [16]
Weapon(s) of Choice: Sycthe, Battle Ax, Chainsaw
Precaution: Slightly insane...Missing certain emotions

Subject: Tapestri
Subject: Socara Eclipse Tapestri
Alias: Soca-chan, Soka-ra
Species: Echidna
Physcial Existance: 23 years
Sex: Female
Description: A red echidna with white bangs that hang around her face and white dredlocks. Sharp knucklaws. Claw like birth mark on her neck. Strange marking on her left shoulder. Eyes: large and emerald green. Demon/dragon resembling wings. Usually kept invisible.
Background: Subject found abandoned on the Floating Island by Sally Acorn and Knuckles the Echidna. Raised/trained to be a Freedom Fighter. Later captured. Status unknown: length= 9 yrs. Freed by Freedom Fighters.
Status: Unknown
Powers: Mimic Magic: level [7], Chaos Magic: level [unknown], Manipulator Magic: Level [6], Unknown Type: level [unknown]
Weapon(s) of Choice: Nin'nako Sword
Precaution: Health status usually low... Falls to illness easily... Tires easily.

Subject: Altan
Subject: Chaonen Light Atlan
Alias: None
Species: Deninychus
Physcial Existance: Unknown
Sex: Male
Description: A green deninychus with slit light yellow eyes. Black stripes going from head to the tip of tail. Strange marking on right shoulder. The front of chest and neck are yellow-green. Three fingers on each hand and feet, claws are razor sharp.
Background: Unverified.
Status: Dictator of Mobius
Powers: Dark Magic: level [Adept]
Weapon(s) of Choice: Epee
Precaution: Cruel... Twisted Humor...Left knee does not completely function

Subject: Gazer
Subject: Ark Sky Gazer
Alias: None
Species: Unknown
Physcial Existance: Unknown
Sex: Male
Description: A fox-like creature. Lion tail that has a blue tuff at the end. Three claw marks on face. Eyes: blue, turns to red when angry, usualy closed. Black hair that slightly fade to gray. Upside down slit triangle like markings on forehead.
Background: Subject once Socara Tapestri's Partner. Believed to have been killed. Returned to Freedom Fighters. Past: unverifed
Status: Freedom Fighter
Powers: Time magic : level [unknown]
Weapon(s) of Choice: Staff
Precaution: If get himself involved in a fight, all Hell breaks loose.

Subject: Gwuan
Subject: Asia Ure Gwuan
Alias: None
Species: Asian Dragon [Element: Earth]
Physcial Existance: 32 years
Sex: Female
Description: [Full Dragon Form] A light blue-green chinese dragon. Eyes: magenta. Turquiose whiskers. Incredibly long. Taloned paws. At the end of tail is a light green tuff. Horn above each eye. (Mobian Form) A green chinses dragon. Dark pink hair that fades into black and reaches to feet.
Background: Subject born in Utai. Raised by Grandpa, Gua Dei. No socialization with others of same species.
Status: None
Powers: Earth magic: level [6]
Weapon(s) of Choice: Battle Claws
Precaution: None