F   U   R   R   Y     A   R   T  

Oni Casting a Spell Oni starting a spell of some sort.
Socara A lovely pic of my little Soca-chan with her wings. And light beams streaming by.
Oni Not Happy? Meet Oni when she's mad. Yeah... BTW this is also when Oni's in slight Death mode because she can't control her anger. Actually she's really dangerous when she's like this. Of course this is the "I'll kill you all!" mood. Not "You meanie!" mood.
Ark Taunting Oni AHAHAHAHAHA! Me doing what I love! And that's making Oni annoyed! Shards, it's fun!
Our Price This is basically our price for our services. It may seem high, but we always get the job done. *Evil grin*
After Godzilla Shards! After the movie Godzilla, Oni was nearly flooding the theater just because Godzilla died. If I ruined the movie of anyone, then that's your problem. Godzilla to whoever has the rights 'cuz I have no idea.
Airplane Sketch Inspired by a plane ride to California and an interesting ad for a Laptop by Sony in the United Airlines magazine, Hemispheres.
Coniau as Yuffie This is Coniau dressed as Yuffie. Oni really liked the look of this pic, 'cept she thought that shuriken looked funny. Yuffie (C) Squaresoft.
Amy  A furry version of Oni's best friend in RL.
Bored Bored Bored Oni had to go to a boring elections thing at her school, so she doodled the whole time *big surprise*.
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