F   U   R   R   Y     A   R   T  

Sparx An awesome echidna Oni met on Chat. BTW this one done with photoshop that Oni has no idea how to use. Don't ask me why I said that.
Cliven Here's Cliven! A character I believe of the spiffy rabbit Confetti. His pose reminds me of Ferio from Magic Knights Rayearth.
Cyber the Hare Cyber the Hare jumping in the air! Doing umm...not much I guess.
"Three Girls" AHH!! Shards I feel sorry for Chaonen. Okay, little story. Oni's been watching too much of The Slayers *(C) to whomever has (C) to it* So she takes the idea that to sneak by the enemies she, Soca-chan, and Chaonen dress up like sisters. Of course, Chaonen isn't too happy about this.
Tiffany Tiffany the Fox a great furry artist! Oni felt like drawing her 'cuz she did okay? And Oni discovers markers :P
Oni Wanna Cookie? Oni likes cookies. Oni is eating a cookie. Oni may choke on the cookie. Heehee *evil grin*
Agent A Oni dressed kinda like a MIB agent...well not really, but her sunglasses look neat! Yeah and like the title says, she's Agent A of the FiB (Furry in Black).
Soca's B-Day Soca-chan's birthday pic! We be all shouting Happy Birthday in Mandiren(SP?) and Oni needs to work on her caligraphy. (BTW, Soca-chan's b-day was July 4).
Soca in Ruin Outfit Well, since we also happen to be Ruin Explorers (people who raid ruins! Duh!), here' Soca-chan in her outfit. She mentioned she really liked the staff.
Precious' B-Day pic Precious Jenkin's Birthday pic. She's a friend of Oni's in MSC. Precious is herself.
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