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  • Information: Dark Realm and Mazoku

    The Dark Realm
    The majority of the information available is what the Silent Walker has chosen to reveal, or that of legend. The Dark Realm is the realm of which the Beings of the Dark choose as their domain or prehaps were exiled there, though they effect many others, each with their own area. The Realm itself is only accessable from Cephta, existing on the same yet not the same dimensional plane as Cephta.

    The term "Mazoku" is used for all of the high powers and their direct servants. IE this term would be used for the Silent Walker, Death, Time, the Beings of the Dark, and their servants. Mazoku are not completely evil, but their usual behavior is "evil" and tend to have malviolent tendencies.
    There are creatures generally called Lesser Mazoku. These creatures are not Mazoku however, having more of the status of demons which are under Mazoku. Also tending to be actually evil.

    Earrings are one way of telling who a Mazoku serves. Each servant wears what their master wears. It is also a symbol of status. Status is very important and sometimes a life or death situation. If the servant does not have visible ears, then they will wear it on a necklace or on some other form.

    Beings of the Dark
    In order of hightest power

    The Lord of Darkness
  • Other titles- The Dark Lord, Darkwalker, Walker of the Dark, Black Dragon
  • Entity- Dark Dragon
  • Companion's Species- Asian Shadow Dragon
  • Medium of Transportation- Shadows
  • Known Servants- None
  • Demon Servant- Unknown
  • Other- By legend, the Lord of Darkness rules the entire realm, though he allows his subordinates the rule of different sectors. Many legends make obscure references to him but rarely ever give any information. It is said that he is the only being of the Dark allowed in Cephta.

    The Lord of Nightmares
  • Other titles- Midnight Thunder, Lightning Master
  • Entity- Lightning Crane
  • Companion's Species- Unknown
  • Medium of Transportation- Lightning and Thunder
  • Known Servants- Spreader of Nightmares Tidari Raichu
  • Demon Servant- Elemental: Air
  • Other- The Lord of Nightmares is the most spoken of in legends and has been seen more then the others, dealing with mortals more often. All legends that mention him also mention a cane that he constantly has with him.

    The Master of Beasts
  • Other titles- Trickster of the Dark, Beastmaster Dynasty
  • Entity- Water Lion
  • Companion's Species- Hellhound
  • Medium of Transportation- Water
  • Known Servants- General Koji Sandshrew [Deceased], Priestess Elrean Dewgong [Deceased]
  • Demon Servant- Elemental: Water
  • Other- The Master of Beasts is said to be the youngest and most playful. Also known as a trickster, he tends to turn up in legends as first an angel of light, then extreme trouble. Enjoyed games with two other beings that were his General and Priestress that were killed in the war of the Beings of the Dark against the Silentwalker.

    The Demonmaster
  • Other titles- Master of Demons, Demon Kyoto
  • Entity- Earthen Wolf
  • Companion's Species- Serval
  • Medium of Transportation- Stone and Earth
  • Known Servants- None
  • Demon Servant- Elemental: Earth
  • Other- The Demonmaster is rarely mentioned, only by the Elemental Demons while others fear to speak even her title. Said to be blind.

    The Hellmistress
  • Other titles- None
  • Entity- Flame Salamander
  • Companion's Species- Compsognathus
  • Medium of Transportation- Fire
  • Known Servants- None
  • Demon Servant- Elemental: Fire
  • Other- The Hellmistress is mention in legends even less then the Demonmaster. Though she seems to be the one with the shortest temper.