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    Cephta is a lush and beautiful world. The realm that is Cephta is a dimension all of its own that ‘overlaps’ with another one that is called the Dark Realm by legends. At certain places of Cephta, one can see parts of the barrier that blocks off the Dark Realm. These points are rips in the dimensional wall, where normally one cannot detect or see the barrier. Some rips allow you to cross over in to the Dark Realm and some do not.

    Sectors of Cephta

    Cephta's northern continent is made of 7 main sectors, each with its own kind of land forms. Most of Cephta is uninhabited. The southern continent is mainly populated with dangerous monsters and is mostly all tropical jungle except for the large mountain range that cuts across the continent. It has no civilization during this time.

    Sector 1:
  • Keynata- Keynata is actually one of the 3 major cities/points of Cephta. The city representing Earth and Fire, it is situated around the base of a semi-active volcano. A mining city.

    Sector 2:
  • Atlantis- Atlantis is the last of the 3 major cities/points in Cephta. The city representing Water, it is situated in the middle and under the Cepheus Ocean, by an immense underwater mountain range. Mostly a trade city. Though there are actually some parts of the city above the ocean, but it is historic ruins.

    Sector 3:
  • Tucanae Mountain Range- A long mountain range spanning much of the northern continent. Has many mining and historical villages, some terrace farming villages, and Ancient Ruins. The southern end is frozen tundra.

    Sector 4:
  • Helix Desert- Barren land where the average temperature during the day is 120 degrees and at night nearly freezing. Many Ancient ruins.

    Sector 5:
  • Auriga Plains- Flat plains with some plateaus where it meets the Tucanae Mountains. Mostly farming community.

    Sector 6:
  • Doradus Region- Frozen tundra and glaciers. Some villages, many of which are scientific communities.

    Sector 7:
  • Cepheus Region- Beach and ocean area. Cepheus Ocean is where the city of Atlantis is located. Rich in marine life.


  • Cephta has two sister moons looking down on it. One of which is called D'Ni, the other called Mina'skwa. Mina'skwa is not entirely whole, and is a cresent shape. Legends claim that their was a war between the Beings of the Dark and the Silent Walker and the moon was partially destroyed due to this.

    Nin'nako Energy

  • Nin'nako energy is the most powerful and the rarest kind of lifestream energy and is very rarely found in other dimensions. It resembles water, except it glows slightly and is a deeper blue. If used properly, the wielder's power becomes far greater then it was before. If used inproperly, the wielder usually ends up dead or worse. Even over exposure to Nin'nako can kill someone or cause the person to fall into a coma-like state. Nin'nako energy can condense to form materia, a kind stronger than Mako materia. The word Nin'nako is an Ancient Cephtan word. Closest translation is 'life'. Though Nin'nako itself is more of life, soul, and essence. No one really knows what Nin'nako is though, this is a generalization. Or you could say, anyone whose tried to study it is dead.
  • Nin'nako is also very unstable. Legends say that the Scion of Cephta is what keeps the realm from destroying itself. Also that the Scion is the most powerful object in the universe and all realms. Only the Silent Walker may use it and it is she that watches over everyone's lives. The Scion is located somewhere within the Caitiorn Tower under heavy guard.

    The People

  • The majority of the people of Cephta are "crossbreds," as in the most are many animals mixed together, ie. a wolf-cat. "Purebreds" as in one species are few. The population is very low in Cephta and is in decline, due to the fact that for every child born, 10 others die. By this fact, the death of a child is an extreme tragic, and the murder of one is an extreme felony.The average life of a Cephtan is 500, but their aging process is very irregular. Generally, a Cephtan grows normally till 10-30 years. Then they stop aging till they are nearly to the end of their life.


  • Magik is very dangerous in Cephta, so the individuals who can use magic usually either know only small spells like Sleep or they are people high in the ranking of society. The reason magik is so dangerous, is that it is hard to control with all the magik disturbance from the vast amount of the rare energy, Nin’nako Energy, in it’s pure form. Therefore, someone who can control magik tends to be very powerful, which leads to a high status.