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    Magic in the Cephtan world is not only used in Cephta, but in any other realm/dimension where magic exists in usable form. Though in Cephta, simple spells can be magnified into ones of a higher magnitude. The magic in Cephta ranges through many catergories and abilities. Some have documented spells, other not. The magor categories with documented spells are White Magic, Black Magic, Elemental Magic, Dark magic, Time Magic, Death Magic, and Summons.

    A full incantation for a spell is not always necessary if the caster is proficient enough. For example for an experianced mage, one could cast fireball without the incantation. A weak mage may not be able to cast a simple spell as Ice Arrow without saying the incantation, as an expert mage could cast it with a snap of his or her fingers. Powerful spells usually require the incantation because it helps the caster control all of the power. One does not cast Mitzu Blas instantly.

    In the Cephtan world, magic is not as easily used as in other realms. Due to the high extremes and effects of Nin'nako, only the elite and high born have enough strength to control any levels of magic other than weak spells that require almost to energy or power at all. Examples would be lighting and sleep spells. Due to this effect, an adept mage demands a very high level of respect, but the adept also has the duty of serving the people.

    White Magic

    White Magic is used for healing and exorcism. It draws its power from the the positive emotions promoted by the strength of the caster: joy, happiness, benevolence, etc. The source of White Magic is usually given to God.

    | White Magic
    |+ Angel Touch
    |+ Ashura Shield
    |+ Flow Snap
    |+ Heal
     + Healing Wind
    |+ Heaven's Light
    |+ Regeneration

    Black Magic

    Black magic is used for destructive and offensive purposes. It draws its power from negative emotions such as fear, anger, and malice.

    The Lords and Ladies of the Dark Realm have powers similar to these, as they are whom most of the power is drawn from. Many of the spells of names of major beings of the Dark such as Mitzu Blas and Dynastu Array.

    + Black Magic
    |+ Abstract Vision
    |+ Aurora Flare
    |+ Biohazard
    |+ Dynasty Array
    |+ Elishen Ray
    |+ Fireball
    |+ Flare Lance
    |+ Fury Plight
    |+ Lighting
    |+ Mega Rondo
    |+ Mitzu Blas
    |+ Reflection
    |+ Teleport

    Elemental Magic

    Elemental Magic draws its energy from four of the five elements: fire, water, air, and earth. It focuses on the magic callings and desires of the caster. As reflective of nature, this magic group is both destructive and helpful.
    + Fire Group
    |+ Explosion's Blast
     + Fireball
    |+ Fire Enhance
    |+ Flame Protection
    |+ Flicker Snap
    |+ Hellstorm
    + Water Group
    |+ Aqua Illusion
    |+ Crystal Breath
    |+ Ice Arrow
    |+ Tsunami Wave
    |+ Water Enhance
    |+ Web Face
    |+ Umi Na
    + Air Group
    |+ Air Revolution
    |+ Levitation
    |+ Lighting
    |+ Lightning
    |+ Lightning Enhance
    |+ Slyph's Rage
    |+ Thunder Call
    |+ Windstorm
    + Earth Group
    |+ Arrow Depth
    |+ Brando Spikes
    |+ Column Tilt
    |+ Dille Gash
    |+ Earth Enhance
    |+ Earthquake
    |+ Golem
    |+ Hydra Fang

    Dark Magic

    Dark magic is used for destructive, offensive, and defensive purposes. The source of its power originates from the Lord of Darkness.

    Dark Magic focuses greatly on the mental stability and power of the caster. It is similar to a mixture of psychic and Black magic, but still completely different in a way, leaving it open for much debate. Dark magic is dangerous to practice and use. Of all known magics, this is the least used due to its unstable tendencies.

    + Dark Magic
    |+ Astral Blind
    |+ Blast Ash
    |+ Blind
    |+ Dragon's Will
    |+ Heart of Darkness
    |+ Ka Rac-tze Na
    |+ Mind Shape
    |+ Shadow Hold
    |+ Shadowmaker

    Time Magic

    Time Magic is unique on its own. It's power draws from the being known only as Time.

    + Time Magic
    |+ Dimension Shift
    |+ Flow Twist
    |+ Haste
    |+ Reverse
    |+ R'tran
    |+ Stop
    |+ Time's Gate

    Death Magic

    Death Magic is as unique as Time. It's power is drawn from Death and is very difficult to practice unless one has no soul and is under the instruct of Death himself.

    + Death Magic
    |+ Dead Call
    |+ Deathrise
    |+ Ka Rac-tze Na
    |+ Resurrection
    |+ Soul Destruction
    |+ Soul's Will
    |+ Stolen Sand
    |+ Yuni'tsin Lang

    This Spellbook has been made by the [Zetallis Corporation].