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Emerald and Brass
Beginning history....How it all began.

  • Emerald and Brass

  • Parodies
    by Lex
  • The Issue of the Sexes
    A group of RPG characters gripe about life's little injustices.
  • South Park Meets Final Fantasy VII
    The "Pink Eye" episode written up with FF VII characters.
  • I Plead the Fifth
    Xenogear fun.

    by Ruby Echidna
  • Endlame
  • Wimpy Old Land
  • Knuckles: The Satire

  • Misc
  • The Evil Overlord's Handbook

  • Mangas/comics
    by Oni Ahcem
  • Final Fantasy VII Dress Up Party
    What happens when the gang dresses up as Final Fantasy VII
    characters in a party? Well find out.
  • Adventures of Telaros: Death #608
    Telaros is singing a little innocent song. Oni and Ark
    aren't enjoying it...based on an inside joke.

  • by Socara Tapestri
  • How we made our Spellbook
    Just a little thing about the horrifying labor...I mean
    cool experience we went through to make the spellbook.

  • If you would like a one or more of your stories or tales to be here,
    please contact Chaonen Atlan.